Hooterville Gazette

The fictional community of the Hooterville has been and is a farming community that is being a setting for Petticoat Junction a situation comedy shooting during the years of 1963 to 1970 and Green Acres in the years of 1965 to 1971, with the commission of Paul Henning who created the CBS and Filmways.

However, while airing the show called Petticoat Junction, the show called Hooterville was mentioned in the early episodes of The Beverly Hillbillies’ first season, which is another sitcom of Paul Henning. The first episode where Jethrine Bodine and Bodine’s sister has a romantic relationship with a traveling salesman named Jasper who later invites her to a dance party in a town called Hooterville.


The Hooterville is a valley town located in a valley and it is also a county and has been often described as the ‘place where simultaneously the Southern and Midwestern meet but not in a vague’. The authors of the show had a great sense of humor and often cracks jokes with the reference of the Hooterville town, even though there are some geographic impossibilities and errors that happened in the continuity of the show. There were even some contradictions between the trivia shown in the play and the real life.


The jokes that are aired in the shows have even some unexplained details and other vague senses of humor that are said purposely to make the audience laugh. The town’s inhabitants and citizen are also shown in these plays, few are Oliver Wendell Douglas and Lisa Douglas, who are the new residents of the town who recently moved to the town from the New York City; Eb Dawson, the handyman who hailed from the Douglas Family, Newt Kiley the farmer who farms more than 80 acres of land and Ben Miller, who is a farmer who farms apples in the town.

The antiquate dealer named Mr. Haney and he was depicted as a con man who cheats the people by gaining their trust. Hank Kimball, the county agent who is known for his idiotic behavior, Sam Drucker, who owns a general store in the town in the name of Sam Drucker’s General Store, a telephone operator named Sarah Hotchkiss Tendell, the Monroe Brothers Alf, and Ralph. Fred Ziffel who owns a pig farm, and Doris ‘Ruthie’ Ziffel who is very loud and nosey and the wife of Fred. Arnold Ziffel the son of Fred and Doris; the conductor and engineer named respectively Charley Pratt and Floyd Smoot who is working in the local train named Hooterville Cannonball.


Kate Bradley and her Uncle named Joe Carson and his three daughters named Billie Jo, Bobbie Jo, and Betty Jo reside at a hotel named Shady rest hotel, which is located 25 miles away from Hooterville. The show depicted that the citizens of Hooterville are pretty old-fashioned in contrast to the modern lifestyle and has been introducing the no tax system and they seemed to be never heard of tax refunds and the Federal income taxes.

The Drucker’s

The Drucker’s is a general store located in the Hooterville. The store is a bit old fashioned and the grocer takes and retrieves the goods from the shelves that is behind the money counter or the chair where the owner sits. The shop’s owner Same Drucker indulges in selling household goods and food items, and at sometimes he even sells odd items such as nail polish and dehydrated chickens. And he even allowed his customers to even purchase goods from the shop on credit and Drucker often reminds the customers about their outstanding bills. Drucker’s store sometimes acts a social club where people come and sit to chit-chat, the locals sometimes use the place to play cards and checkers or to rave and rant about the issues that happen in the community. Even they cast their votes to elect a candidate at the Drucker’s on an election day, the exterior of the store has a big sign reading ‘Sam’s Drucker’s General Store’, but everyone in Hooterville calls the store as either Drucker’s Store or simply Drucker’s, even the owner of the store Sam Drucker call it this way. And the Drucker’s store is one of the most profitable shops in Hooterville.

Location of Hooterville

The location of the Hooterville is not precisely mentioned in the Green Acres or in the Petticoat Junction. The shows are showing that the location in the conflicting clues which makes the identification of the location more convoluting for the people, it can’t be even determined about the direction of the town like whether it is located in the west or east of the United States. Eb Dawson listens to a call letter from a radio station that starts with the letter W, which means the radio station is located in the west and suggesting that Hooterville is located at the east of the Mississippi River

The reception of the show was very positive and many have started to create this fiction town Hooterville in many forms and started playing it and using. Today there are some online sites that let the users to ‘live’ in the pleasant town and to get an experience of living the Hooterville as well. The concept of farming community has got evolved among the people ever since then the airing of these shows in the television. And today there are a lot of fan fictions available about Hooterville.

About Hooterville Gazette

The Hooterville Gazette is a fictional community that primarily based on the show that got aired in the years of 1960 to 1970, and has made an impact on the rural communities and the lifestyle of the American counterparts among the people of the United States. The show was broadcasted in the channel called CBS (Columbia Broadcasting System) and it has been shown in both Black and White and color as well. The show has a huge number cast and crew while shooting the series and the camera they have used is a fixed single shot camera. Here we have displayed all the personalities that are shown in the series, and this place is designated to the fictional place called Hooterville, the fans of Hooterville are always welcomed her to have a look at the updates that we work and update in the website in a considerable frequency. Our gallery page has got a lot of snaps from the series that are aired on the television and here everyone can enjoy the atmosphere of Hooterville. One can even access the theme song of series Petticoat Junction. We provide a virtual place for the fans of Hooterville community and other text-based information for them to keep them active.