or Perhaps The Three Froggies
of The Environmental Apocalypse?
Global Warming Kills
Loch Ness Monster
Minneapolis Bridge Collapse
Due to Global Warming
Hudson River Plane Crash
Due to Global Warming
Air France Plane Crash Due To
You Guessed It, Global Warming
Roswell NM Incident:      July 08, 1947
Coincidence?  We Think Not!
Talk About Having All Your Bases Covered
But Wait, There's More...
Saved by
The Crew
From CO2
U.F.O. Sightings Increase Due To
Man-Made Global Warming
Air France
Carbon Crash
To Learn The Truth About Global Warming Please Visit The Monckton Tabs
Carbon Offsets:
The New Flight
Omen That Predicted ClimateGate?
Things Reportedly Caused
by Global Warming
Who Knew
that CO2...
Click On Saucer
to Learn More
Al Gore Was Born On:  March 31, 1948
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