Obama Laughed at After Calling
Climate Change Evidence Overwhelming
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To The Hoot
To The Hoot
The Left Loves
Scaring Kids!
Global Warming Hysteria Is Increasing
Pediatric Psychology Business.
Is it Any Wonder Why?
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While giving a speech designed to show America that he is not out of touch, Obama delivered a real
howler of a line that ultimately caused his audience, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, and even Obama himself
to laugh.  It's taken him a year to understand that what concerns Americans the most is the economy.  
It remains to be seen how long it will take President Obama to realize that the manufactured evidence
embraced  by climate change alarmists has been crumbling for some time.  The only thing
overwhelming about it is the outrage one feels after learning the truth.
The Left Is Even Willing to Use
Santa Claus to Frighten Children
Over Global Warming!