Memorable TV Moments from Barack, Joe, and Nancy
Posted In Response to Marcus Baram at The Huffington Post
Yes, one can only imagine the media uproar if Sarah
Palin had claimed to have visited 57 states.

Perhaps even funnier than the gaffe itself has been the
ridiculous attempt on the part of liberals to explain away
the remark.

My favorite was from a gentleman who said  Obama was
trying to explain that he was so tired from campaigning
it seemed like he had been to 57 states.  Nice try.

Many democrats have also countered that Obama made
only one gaffe and Palin makes them all the time.  As
we shall see, it is Obama, Biden, and Pelosi who make
them all the time.  But when they make a mistake, the
media covers for them.

Though many liberals have never seen any of the
following videos, most will  still go to their grave
believing Obama didn't receive preferential treatment
from the media during the election even after viewing
them.  There is none so blind as he who will not see.
Does He Even Know How Many Terms
A President Can Serve?
If This Mental Midget Can Be V.P.
Anyone Can Do The Job!
Is It Any Wonder Why We Have A Deficit
When the Speaker of The House Can't Count?
Pelosi Makes The Same Mistake A Second Time
Proving She  Doesn't Even Know The U.S. Population

Why Can't Democrats Do Simple Math???

They're Not Much Better at History
Missiles Were Placed in Cuba after JFK Met with
The Russians.  What A History Buff!
"I'm Here Because Some People Marched
Accross A Bridge!" - Barack Obama

Obama was born in 1961.  The March Took Place
in 1965.  Does He Ever Check Dates?
Sorry Barack, The Auschwitz Concentration Camps  
Were Liberated by The Russians.
Clueless Katie Couric Just Nods Along as Joe Biden
Rewrites The History of The Great Depression.   FDR
Wasn't President and TV Was About Ten Years Away
from Being Introduced.
While Some Americans Think Everything Was
Invented in America, Those Who've Studied History
Know Otherwise.  Sorry Barack, The Automobile Was
Invented in Germany.  Please Start Doing Your
Homework Before Giving A Speech.  You've
Embarrassed America Enough Already.
Actually Only 12 People Died, Not 10,000.
This Could Be Just As Easily Placed In Our Math
Section.  With Barack, It's Not Always Easy To Tell
Whether It's An Error in History, Math or A
Failure to Understand Biology as with
The Selma Bridge Example.