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To The Hoot
To The Hoot
I wrote the article in question at the request of the (tearful) director of the USAMRIID HIV
research team, who said they'd failed to convince the US Surgeon-General that the usual
public-health protocol for new, fatal, incurable infections should be followed - which is
immediate, compulsory, permanent but humane isolation for the sake of the uninfected
population. According to UNAIDS figures, 25 million have died of HIV since I wrote the
articles on the subject, and 40 million are infected. Most of these could have been
prevented if the correct, and standard, public health policy had been followed, as the
researchers had recommended at the time.

I am now working on a cure for infections including HIV. Our first patient had his viral titre
reduced painlessly by 40% in five days, with no side-effects except an immediate feeling of
well-being. Do let people know this: we are anxious to find further patients who may wish to
have their disease either controlled at no cost and with no side-effects or - possibly, though
we've been advised this is unlikely - cured outright.

- The Viscount Monckton of Brenchley

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