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To The Hoot
Media Matters Attacks Lord Monckton
But Fails to Discount The Viscount
A Media Matters headline from Friday, December 10th 2009 reads BREAKING: Glenn Beck's climate czar called
for quarantining AIDS patients "for life"
and claims that the Media Matters Action Network (what a team of super
sleuths this must be) "unearthed" this damaging information.  Jeremy Schulman, who wrote this piece, should be
informed that you can't "unearth" something that has been openly discussed since 1987 by Monckton himself. The
fact not mentioned by Media Matters is that Monckton rarely makes a public appearance without discussing it. Sta-  
ting this information was "unearthed" strongly implies that Monckton has been trying to keep it buried.  He has not!
Here are just a few of the many examples of  Monckton openly discussing the matter this year alone:

April 28, 2009  Texas:                                           

October 15, 2009 Minnesota:                             

October 19, 2009 Texas:                                     

Frankly, If Monckton has been trying to keep this a secret, he's done about as good a job as the scientists at East
Anglia trying to explain away the Climategate emails.  So transparent is Monckton on this issue, he even included
discussion of it in
Apocalypse? No! his cinematic response to Al Gore's Oscar Winning Sci-Fi Comedy Horror Flick,
An Inconvenient Truth.

Apocalypse?  No!                                                  

It is impossible to review these four clips without noting the extreme compassion Monckton has for those who either
have died or are dying from AIDS.  Moved to tears more than once, Monckton makes it clear that millions more would
be alive today had the advice he carried forward from experts been implemented decades ago.  He also points out
accurately that these people were not only victims of AIDS but also political correctness.  Monckton doesn't come out
and say it, but it's obvious that if AIDS were originally more prevalent among middle class, heterosexual, white men
who pay taxes and believe in God, the left wouldn't have been so opposed to quarantining the victims to prevent
millions more from dying of AIDS in the future.

Monckton's position on solving the AIDS crisis is not something that one has to unearth, as evidenced by his
comments in the very recent lectures listed above.  This story is about as worthy of the label "breaking" as one of
those yearly, seasonal stories about how washing one's hands frequently is a good way to prevent colds.  I suppose
Mr. Schulman will next post a breaking story suggesting that the Media Matters Action Network has "unearthed"
information that former President Clinton had an affair with a young intern reportedly named Monica.  What this story
does represent is a shameless hit piece on a man who has recently opened up  a big can of skeptic whoop ass that
has global warming alarmists shaking in their boots.  It represents this and nothing more.  It is also very consistent
with the left's policy of tossing ad hominem attacks at Monckton in an attempt to distract attention away from his very
scientific arguments.

The Media Matters action Network
suggests that Monkcton's opinions on how the AIDS crises could have been
stopped in its tracks early discounts any and all future opinions he may have about anything.  Their logic just flows
like sludge doesn't it?  They also quote Monckton as stating that "those concerned with global warming have killed
more people than Hitler".  This too we are told suggests that Monckton should not be listened to on global warming.  
Perhaps before jumping to conclusions the MMA Network should have attempted to calculate the number of people
starving to death as bio fuel mandates have driven the price of food beyond the reach of many around the world.
Perhaps before linking to an article that states Monckton is among conservatives who are both "certifiable and
dangerous", the MMA Network should have considered whether the Gorebots who mindlessly follow Gore without
questioning the science have been brainwashed like the German youths who followed Hitler. Pen and Teller do a
great job of pointing out how
little these kids actually know about the science.  For many, the meetings are just an
excuse to party.  A number of these junior greenies featured in this program were so clueless they signed a
against dihydrogen oxide otherwise known as water. The signature gatherer explained it was responsible for floods.

Lesson number two for Jeremy Schulman is that before you claim to have "unearthed" some damning piece of
information about an opponent, at least Google the topic to see if it has already been "unearthed".  Had he done
so, he would have found around
199,000 hits from a search on the words Monckton and AIDS.

This isn't the first time Media Matters has rushed to publish a story aimed at discrediting those daring to blaspheme  
Pope Gore and his Church of The Green God before getting their facts straight.  Back in May of 2009, Media Matters
ran with a story designed to attack those claiming Al Gore is getting rich off of global warming hysteria that contained
a real whopper of a lie.  The article was in response to a recent edition of the Bill O'Reilly Show.  Laura Ingraham was
sitting in for Bill O'Reilly that evening.  The big news of the day was
Marsha Blackburn's effective grilling of Al
Gore's congressional testimony and Climate Depot's Marc Morano was there to discuss it with Ingraham.  Soon
thereafter, a Media Matter's article entitled
Ingraham uses doctored video to smear Gore claimed that video
clips of Gore's testimony aired by Fox News were doctored to remove Gores statements that he donates the money
he makes from his climate-related work to a non-profit organization.  Not only had Fox aired the clips of Gore stating
he "gives every penny" of his climate-related earning to charity, they had actually emphasized it by playing it at the
beginning of the show.  Upon learning of the mistatement by Media Matters, the Common Sense Alliance, an online
networking community for skeptics,  posted
this video clip on YouTube to set the record straight and sent a copy to
Marc Morano which resulted in the following
post being placed on Climate Depot.

We now have two blatant examples of Media Matters playing fast and loose with the facts when it comes to climate
skeptics.  (Correction, the twenty-three year old Monckton story was anything but fast.)  First, they falsely claimed
that Fox didn't air a clip of Gore stating he gave every penny of his climate-related earnings to charity and now
they've falsely claimed to "unearth" information about Lord Monckton that was never buried in the first place.  This
begs the question:  As Media Matters keeps an eye on anthropogenic global warming skeptics who dare to question
the theology behind Al Gore's imploding
green church, who's keeping an eye on Media Matters?

After note:

I'll save the bloodhounds on the Media Matter's Action Network some legwork. I am both the publisher of and the director of the Common Sense Alliance. My admission of guilt now
eliminates the need for a December 11, 2022 article stating that Media Matters has "unearthed" a 2009
article in which Mark Gillar clandestinely cited his own work while correcting the otherwise untarnishable
efforts of Media Matters.

-  Mark Gillar
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